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    • Dual Climate control and leather seats and heated seats, etc. - I looked at dual climate control, leather seats, heated seats in Laramies and Platinums, but found what I wanted in an XLT - no climate control but the vehicles I've had before with climate control I had to monitor manually anyway ( BMW 3s, Suburban, etc ) and I specifically DID NOT want moon roofs or such - but I did find nice heated seats in the woven nylon XLT interior - and I like'em.

      I did read that the bodies on the F150 and the SuperDuty F250s and 350s were all the same but I never actually checked the specs to verify it.

      I am kind of wishing I could find LED or HID light offerings from Ford. The existing bulbs are adequate, but don't match the HIDs I have had in other vehicles. I noticed this in my F350 Tiger too.

      The F150 is not an urban cruiser for me - its fine in Indianapolis, or St Louis, but I think probably not optimal for San Francisco. It does need full size parking spots.

      The start stop technology, means remote starting is just a few bits of software away, so my truck came with remote start - I wouldn't have ordered it, but it is nice on cold winter mornings, I wouldn't have ordered the larger 36 gallon fuel tank either, but I find I really do like it - It lets me choose where I refuel on trips via Gas Buddy - I can drive to Denver from my home in western Indiana with only one gas stop if I want to. The range is almost twice that of my 4Runner.