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    • I tend to agree... until Tesla proved they make very good cars. I don't own one, but I would probably just buy one if I had the means. 😀

    • Yeah, it's actually quite fun to data collect like this. For me, it makes the purchase more exciting because I know what I'm buying is exactly what I need.

      Speaking of data, I need to share this!

      I graphed the depreciation of a bunch of vehicles, both the total purchase price and the price per mile because I wanted to understand their depreciation curves. Since depreciation is an inescapable figure that often plays the most significant role in the true cost of ownership, I figure it was important to understand it. I primarily focused on depreciation per mile because I think cost per mile is the most important financial figure for comparing vehicles.

      What I found was fascinating, specifically with the Tacoma. If you buy a new Tacoma and sell it at 125k miles, it loses 25% less value per mile than if you buy a used one at 40k miles and sell it at the same number of miles, 125k. A new Tacoma is cheaper per mile to drive than a slightly or significantly used one. That makes no sense.

      As compared to the F150, it has a healthy depreciation curve. It loses value to where it makes a used purchase make sense for someone like me who doesn't have the cash to buy new, but still holds value way better than a sedan and most SUVs.