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    • Local teens are working in my hometown to ban straws. I am so delighted. And I was so glad to see this article:

      "This is a big deal not only because of the sheer scale of the ban (it will reportedly eliminate 1 billion plastic straws and a quarter-billion stirrers annually), or the fact that hotels are kind of a ground zero for beverage consumption, but also because an awful lot of these properties will be in beachfront locations and/or other areas of natural beauty. And therefore, they are another location where plastics can easily escape the waste stream and make their way into the natural environment."

    • Amazing and wonderful news. Just few weeks back i came across civil work carried out to lay down water pipeline, i was surprised to see full layer of plastic in first few feet of excavation. I also heard scientists are creating plastic eating fungus, hope it reverts what has been done to earth :(