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    • Another day, another news cycle.

      Does anyone else find themselves watching their favorite news station and thinking this is better than any TV series ever. I have this recurring fantasy that Anderson Cooper and Rachel Maddow are playing dueling banjos on an Adirondack porch while Sean Hannity does some clogging.

    • Hahaha. I was just asking the Cake team this morning why they don't think there are more political posts on Cake yet. They answer that they're burned out of politics. It's a new soul-destroying news story every day. Except for the the North Korea and unemployment stories. I, however, can't get enough. It's like new episodes of Breaking Bad.

      Your amazing portrait, however, reminds me of the cover of Gregory Heisler's amazing book which I've long been obsessed with. I wanted to do a SmugMug Film on him a few years ago, but so many images he takes are of celebs and there were the rights issues.