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    • People must be embarrassed to say they support Trump. Possibly in part. I think people are afraid of a new or changed America and a vote for Trump means less changes. Climate change, universal health care, equity for the disadvantaged and taxes on the rich will have to wait I guess. Fortunately most readers of Cake are of higher intelligence and income than average and should be well insulated personally from Republican policies. It’s hearing Trump’s name and vile comments that are the hardest to take. You’ll just have to unplug from the news as much as possible. What else can be done to protect yourself from depression? Try to take solace that at least half of America is happy and thinks they are getting what they want. Also consider that despite Trump and the Republicans, climate efforts will move on despite them. Ideas about health care will continue to grow and wealth is likely to grow again after covid ends (likely much longer if trump stays). You’ll have to let go of dreams of trump getting convicted for the crimes he’s committed. Sigh.