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    • Hey Anjo,

      I would like to come down to Philippines, but can you enlighten us on the internet situation down there? All the stories I have heard say that it's really not that great. And while I'm sure it's better in Manila -- it's not really a place on my to-do list. I am more interested in Cebu and the surrounding areas, also Davao, and Palawan and nearby islands!

      Would love some insight into this. ;-)

    • I watched the entire two hour presentation and found it a fascinating glimpse into the Philippines’ digital past, present and future.

      Below are my notes and highlights from the video:

      Current Reality in the Philippines

      Internet access in the Philippines has increased from 37 million to 76 million within the past five years. Half a million new people are coming online each month.


      E-commerce has grown from $1.9 billion in 2015 to $5 billion three years later.  And it’s projected to be over $20 billion by 2025.

      Businesses online are now 2x more likely to grow and 4x more likely to export.

      Google Go apps

      These are lite-versions of Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube and other Google apps.  They are optimized to run on smartphones with 1GB or less of memory.

      Google Station

      Google Station is an initiative to provide free and fast Wi-Fi hotspots throughout India, Indonesia, Mexico, Thailand and Nigeria.  

      They are launching Google Station in the Philippines this month and will have 50 stations active by the end of the month.


      Moving story of Akbar, a university student in Indonesia who used Google Station to learn software programming. While still at university, Akbar was able to sell his programs online, paying for his tuition and even supporting his family after his father retired.

      Google Job Search

      30% of the workforce in the Philippines is Millenials.  Currently, there are over 700K new graduates each year. And more than 4 in 10 Millenials resign from jobs after two years.

      Interestingly, the most popular Google searches for jobs in the Philippines are online jobs, remote jobs and overseas jobs.

      Coding Day

      Each motorist is assigned a coding day by the government.  On that day, you are restricted from driving on certain roads. Google Maps now allows you to enter your Coding number and Google will create an alternate route on your Coding Days.


      It means, “the art of turning challenges into opportunities.”

      Today in the Philippines, women participate 25% less than men in the workforce.


      Inspiring story of how YouTube how-to videos taught a stay at home mom to create recycled crafts, which she now sells as a small business owner.

    • @anjocerdena , I worked for several years for a company with a strong presence in Asia and did several projects with colleagues from Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia.  As a result, I’ve developed a life-long fascination with the culture, development and business environment.

      Would you mind if I ask a few questions on the Philippines that I’m curious about.

      How common is internet use in the schools?

      Compared to ten years ago, do you see more young people decide to start their own business?