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    • Thanks, Chris! It's these types of thoughtful responses (as opposed to clever quips) that I will miss on Google+. I hope Cake can take its place for me.

      Life as a designer in the Philippines is something I'm still figuring out myself. I sometimes organize meetups which often happen in the business districts, but I still haven't found the right local flavor. A lot of the local events are tackling the same things that the US design scene is talking about, but I seldomly hear about solving for the Filipino problems. Hopefully, I can contribute to changing that in my own little ways.

      Yes, connectivity is a serious issue here indeed. My internet speed so far this year averages at only 4.5 Mbps, and I'm already lucky to have something as fast as that. And yes, we do speak Taglish (Tagalog+English) a lot. Kids these days speak even more English than Filipino. I get the evolution of language, but I'm sad that we're losing good parts of our culture as we speak less of our own words.

      I have no high hopes for Google Station, but we'll see when I find one of the 50 locations! 😄

      Good to meet you here Chris, and thanks for making Cake!