I wouldn't mind at all!

How common is internet use in the schools?
Unfortunately, I've been disconnected from the education sector for some time now so I can't answer this with certainty. However, I don't believe it's common yet, especially not outside the big cities. There have been efforts in recent years to have a national broadband network that will connect government offices and public schools, but I don't believe that has rolled out widely yet. The Department of Information and Communications Technology was created less than 3 years ago and it seems like the current priority is to encourage the entrance of a 3rd telecom company (to break the duopoly between Globe and Smart).

Compared to ten years ago, do you see more young people decide to start their own business?
It would seem so. The internet definitely helped a lot of young people realize how they can make money online. There's been a notable rise in the number of freelancers and I have seen college students take shots at being online 'influencers'. I think the efforts are mostly individual for now and a lot of it is unregistered, so I don't know if you can really call those businesses.