What other optimization hacks are there?

Okay, I’ve got one more. When I was a project manager for a high tech company, we’d have these three week out of town projects where we got to work at 7:30am and didn’t leave until 7:00pm. Brutal work pace on top of all the aggravations that come with being out of town for three weeks. The rule that got a final two hours of productive work from my team and myself was this:

No mindless work until 5pm

Filing paperwork, making photocopies, doing expense reports, leaving voice mails, basically anything that required minimal brain cells was off limits until after five. Around four o’clock, people would be dying from all the mental heavy lifting. But after five o’clock, people were more relaxed, they’d put their headphones on and we’d crank through two more hours of productive work.

Today was the third day in a row working late to meet a deadline and I was ready to leave at five, but instead I switched to easier stuff and knocked out another hour and a half, getting a jump on tomorrow.

I guess leaving some easy stuff for the end of the day is my life hack suggestion.