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    • I roll my eyes a little at the thought of resolutions because so often they translate to a burst of energy the first week of January and then the fade.

      But this year I have one I want to pursue hard and not let up. Many of my heroes have mastered overcoming discouragement much better than I have, staying positive, getting up from their falls and trying again. I want to become like them, whatever it takes.

      Any resolutions for you?

    • I used to make New Year's resolutions, but I've come to realize that if I put off making a change that I want to make in my life until a specific date (i.e., New Year's), it's a lot less likely to actually happen than if I have the idea and implement it as soon as possible. That being said, I don't want to knock New Year's resolutions―I just think that different things work for different people.

    • I think I take a similar approach to @jlevers . Before the holiday season started with Thanksgiving, I decided to give up ice cream until the end of winter. My willpower is severely challenged over the winter and a small bowl of ice cream can turn into a large bowl followed by seconds. Even worse, the sugar overload to my system creates a sugar addiction that doesn’t get kicked until February or March.

      I’m now a month in to my “Pre-New Year’s Resolution” and so far so good.

    • Over the years I came to appreciate the power of resolutions, where needed. But time also has given me a different perspective on life and what I now appreciate most is seeking and finding depth of consciousness and holistic understanding, I know it is the way to follow, for me at least. Hence I do not focus on a single goal, rather try and see how everything blends together harmoniously, so that I should act upon it, yet remain open and flexible. This can also be viewed as a lazy approach on life. Lol.

    • I love setting goals, and I also love habits so I’m all about new year’s resolutions.

      We typically talk with our kids and encourage everyone to set a public goal in three of these areas: physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual. We often have private goals as well, but the public ones are put on the wall so we can cheer each other on.

      This year for myself I’m focusing on being more consistent in little things that make a big difference in my life. Two I’ll share here are: picking up a book instead of my phone and taking at least a short walk every day I can.

      For goals that I can actually complete and check off, I usually plan in 6 week intervals instead of a whole year. I’ve found it to be a good amount of time because it’s short enough to minimize procrastination yet long enough to get some traction. My first interval this year is all about finance and includes some tasks I’ve been putting off: streamlining how I use YNAB and updating our estate planning. Not very glamorous! 😆

      (It helps to have some encouragement for the walks. )

    • encourage everyone to set a public goal in three of these areas: physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual.

      Awesome reply, especially the above part!  💖

    • I have two, though I decided on doing them in mid December.

      The first is no sweets purchases until March. I tend to do this 2-3 times per year so it's not that unusual but I started it up after I got back from visiting the family for Christmas so close enough.

      The second is biking 5k miles this year. A hundred miles a week isn't that big of an increase over the 60-70 I'd been doing but I don't enjoy riding below 40°F so I don't and that makes picking up miles in the NYC winter months hit and miss.