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    • ...or I've found a usability kink. Specifically: in my first post I've added 'gundam' as a topic, only to realise later that those topics are case sensitive. Okay, let's add 'Gundam' topic. Nope, it looks like it thinks it's already there. Okay, let's remove 'gundam' topic, then add 'Gundam'. Nope, still lowercase. Okay, remove 'gundam', save, edit, add 'Gundam'. Lowercase still.

      Bug or feature? And if it's the latter, can someone with superpowers edit that topic to start with a capital letter? :D

    • Hmmm. This sounds like something we need to look into. I've fixed the topic name to "Gundam" and you and others can now follow it. Thank you for bringing this up, yacoob!

    • Got to the bottom of why you couldn't edit the topic name.

      Turns out that when you first suggest a topic we don't have on Cake we add it exactly as you've typed it (lower case or Capitalized). We don't allow to have both "Gundam" and "gundam" to coexist in our system, so we have to decide which one to use when this happens. Since the foundation of Cake is topics, we carefully curate every new topic as they are being suggested.