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    • Skyline Trail by Castle Rock State Park runs high up in the hills above Saratoga, California. The trail follows along the Skyline Road for many miles. We decided to do a small out and back hike, starting at Castle Rock State Park.

      We will come back there again to do more hikes and share the pictures. I hope you'll enjoy this mini photo essay.

    • Castle Rock State Park closed down due to the coronavirus, but the Skyline Trail was open. A prominent sign by the trailhead clearly illustrated the trail etiquette in the age of Covid-19.

    • We decided to make a quick detour to check out the Indian Rock just 0.1 Mile from the Skyline Trail.

    • I stopped for a few seconds to check out the fascinating rock formations covered by moss.

    • Just a few steps down the Indian Rock trail, we stumbled upon a mask lying on the ground. A bit unnerving.

    • The Indian Rock is a massive boulder. It is twice as big from the other side of this picture.

    • Backtracking to the Skyline Trailhead took us through the same mossy rock formations, and we enjoyed a second look.

    • Some sections of the Skyline Trail are wider than others. Plenty of room for social distancing.

    • It was a much-needed breath of fresh air. Been stuck at home for weeks made us appreciate every opportunity to see the beautiful nature. We exercised social distancing while passing a few mountain bikers and hikers. Everyone was courteous and gave plenty of room for each other.

      We hope you've enjoyed this mini photo essay of our hike.