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    • 👆That title is from The New York Times review of a new biography of Reddit's founders:

      I love origin stories when they're great like Nick Bilton's Hatching Twitter and Ashlee Vance's Elon Musk, both of which I think of often. And, online conversations being my business, I bought this but not without reading the reviews first.

      They were mostly by Amazon's Vine reviewers who got advanced copies, and I noticed most of them didn't know what Reddit was. Some found it fascinating but said it's really a biography of the founders, not so much a behind-the-scenes at Reddit.

      Anyone else interested? Anyone here use Reddit?

    • Anyone else interested? Anyone here use Reddit?

      I use Reddit as a reader (I hardly ever post, comment rarely). It is pretty much a given if you are a gamer active in some games that have an active and passionate community (e.g. EvE Online or Elite Dangerous, there are others), and there are also some topical subreddits which qualify as great niche communities with content (e.g. SpaceX subreddit is super nice, and on the more low-tech side perhaps mealprep community comes to mind).

      But I don't feel I'm interested in a biopic on the founders, to be honest. For what it's worth, I'm probably not a representative sample for the target audience of such a book, as I have been in online community building for far longer than an average user and have observed dynamics of many many platforms.

      As a side note to reviewers not knowing what Reddit is, it is a clear indicator that those people are not "digital natives" at all. You might not be a redditor yourself, but if you live on the 'Net even a little these last several years, it is impossible not to know what it is. IMHO.