Does the moon know that it controls the tides? How small acts of kindness can change the course of someone’s life for the better.

When I was in college, I was taking a business course where I and two other classmates had to give a presentation. Everyone was willing to do the work but there was still one problem: one of the two classmates had never given a presentation before.

I had done at least a dozen presentations in high school for history and Literature classes, I was in a high school Toastmasters club, and I even took a speech course the semester before in college.

How did he get through high school with a single presentation to his credit?

At the time, India’s education system was geared towards giving four hour exams that were incredibly difficult. As a result, Raj was scared to death of doing his first ever presentation. We practiced for two hours the weekend before. I had him try to give the speech and he was a nervous mess. I then had him read the speech several times, making no eye contact. When his delivery was barely adequate, I had him add making occassional eye contact. After an hour, I had him give the speech only looking at his notes when he needed to. A half hour later, I had him put away his notes and give his speech several more times.

On the day of the class presentation, Raj’s presentation was the best of our team.