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    • after a stressful day in work, I go for a swim. The mechanics of swimming lengths, breathing, counting strokes and laps... doesn't allow time for stress or worry. I find it theraputic.

    • I resonate with keeping things in perspective, oh and exercise. I find that running is my go to as it allows me to shut my mind off, put on music and focus on just moving. It is all too easy to get overwhelmed with tasks at hand or feeling of lack of control so it really becomes a mind game of looking at the situation or problem and redirecting your emotions.

    • I and my wife are Caregivers for our daughter 24/7, and she has seizures so stress is always a part of the life now. Motorcycle rides, physical work, simple hard tasks like splitting wood seem to help. It does always seem to be more personal, like finding what works for oneself. Good luck.

    • How timely this is. I had to take my wife to the hospital at 1 am Saturday, her heart was racing.

      She has to have a Stress test, my stress is already being tested. :)

    • She wore a heart monitor until today, and got new blood pressure meds. No more episodes since then, but I did cancel my trip to the I.O.W.A. Random Rally in Shell WY. No trips anywhere until I am sure this is resolved. Thank you.

    • Thank you. The new BP meds she got on Monday after they removed that monitor did the trick, she had one slight episode after that, then nothing. My daughter is still having seizures every 5 to 7 days (sometimes 10) so we are still trying to find something that works for her without drugging her. That is my usal stress though, so if we can find a CAregiver, I will feel like I am actually retired a bit. lol I hope you and yours are having a wonderful weekend.

    • I'm glad to hear your wife's situation is stabilized. A friend of mine has a daughter that started having frequent seizures like your daughter but fortunately the doctors figured out a way to get her to stop having so many seizures. She is making good progress now as I hope your daughter starts to when they get her situation under control. I hope things move in a positive direction quickly for you all. Life here in Canada for me is going well :)

    • Find and pursue a passion. For me, photography does the trick. It also gives me exercise which is known to help. I usually do this solo which in itself is often a relief 😉

    • Yeah the politics there right now is ugly and bleeding over the border to us. I'd say your country's challenges are much much deeper than the current political president and his associated party. 90% of Canadians (according to a recent poll) dislike Trump. The biggest issue as I see it is lack of trust in the media and government. What a quagmire it is. Sad to see a neighbor in such distress though it's probably not near as bad as the media makes it out to be. I think the rich have had far too much influence in politics in the USA.