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    • Such a great idea!

      Getting permits for Sierra backpacking trips is painfully difficult right now. My biggest nitpick is that almost every single wilderness requires permit pickup from ranger stations in obscure areas. Often times you lose a full day of backpacking because you have to travel there during business hours to pick up the permit. Some now offer night box pickup, which is nice.

      The Desolation Wilderness has the best permitting process of them all. They allow for internet permit registration and let you print the permit at home. But no camp fires 😢

    • In terms of crowds, you might want to check out Emigrant and/or Carson Iceberg Wilderness. For some reason, I've found these to be much less busy than other Sierra backpacking areas despite its extreme beauty. Maybe it's the names of the wildernesses that deter people. I've gone for a week with only seeing three parties in the peak month of July.