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    • Are you a Tea or Coffee Drinker?
      You may include Herbal Tea in this conversation as well.

      I am both I love the variety of coffees and Tea available with the exception of Cappuccino I can't stand Cappuccino. I once bought a Cappuccino I think it was at a 7/11 and I kid you not had to put 8 sticks of Sugar in it and it was still gross.

      Granted I haven't tried all Coffees or Tea variants yet, but am willing to give other teas, coffees and Herbal Teas a go.

      At the moment I am liking Nescafe Blend 43 and
      Organic Decaf Coffee with Organic Unsweetened Stevie with Unsweetened Almonf Milk.

      As for teas I Love English Breakfast and Decaf Tea (don't remember the brand sorry).

      My favourite is a Soy Chai Latte.

    • I'm English and therefore I believe I am supposed to have some genetic predisposition to like tea, it's supposed to be our national cure-all. Whenever there is any kind of crisis or bad news, like being told a family member has cancer, my grandmother's instant reaction is to go and put the kettle on to "make a nice cup of tea" (true example).

      But, I really don't like the stuff. It has to be coffee 100% for me.

      I once bought a Cappuccino I think it was at a 7/11

      and therein lies the problem. Whatever you get in 7/11 they might call a cappuccino but it's nothing like a real one ;-)

    • Fair enough. You're a Coffee drinker, is that any particular Coffee or do you a favourite go to one?

      (Sorry still new to Cake don't know how to quote replies like you did my post).

      In regards to Cappuccino, yes 7/11 was the first place I tried it and dislike it so much.

      Then I tried it at McDonald's unfortunately to the same result.

      And the third and final place was at an actual Coffee Shop, Mum asked me to try the Cappuccino before she had it and I still hated it, so unfortunately for me Cappuccino as far as I am concerned can be non-existent.

      Why did I try it at 3 different places, you may be asking? It's as you said 7/11 isn't the real one I thought it would be better at the other two but unfortunately it just got more distasteful than the last one.

    • I was under the impression that you guys can still drink hot or cold beverages such as Tea or Coffee as long as it doesn't end in _ccino.

      According to this Washington Post I read

    • (Sorry still new to Cake don't know how to quote replies like you did my post).

      Just select the text that you want to quote before you hit Reply.

      Unless you are using an Android phone then it doesn't work.

    • I am currently using a Huawei Phone which is technically an Android Phone with no Google Services. So it may not work. I do have other Androids and 1 Apple phone as well but frankly I don't use them as much as I use my Huawei P40 Pro Phone.

    • Did you just mention Diet Coke, now you're talking my language 😅😅😅. My Addiction is Soft Drinks (Pepsi or Coke varieties I am in with the exception of Original Doctor Pepper that was disgusting and probably still is) . In regards to Coffees I'd probably have 3 a day.

    • Yo, I have a stash above my fridge that is epic! Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi, Diet 7Up, Diet Mountain Dew, etc.

      It’s a thing of beauty! I usually do refills but due to Covid, I’ve had to load up on cans, haha 😂

    • I drink both but I prefer tea.

      My favorite caffeinated teas of the moment are Darjeeling, Scottish Breakfast, and Irish Breakfast.

      I switch to herbal teas in the afternoon and evening, just had a cup of chamomile citrus tea.

    • Good coffee and good tea. Depending on the occasion. But my English husband is not a tea person so not really having tea at home... But he is learning to like jam teas.

    • Funny, I suspect the difference is subtle - but I don't care for English Breakfast.

      I usually buy Taylors of Harrogate tea. Here are the descriptions:

      Originally blended for the soft waters of Scotland, this traditional Scottish Breakfast blend can be enjoyed wherever you live. It's a blend of the very best Assam and African teas,
      with an inviting bright colour in the cup and a full, rich flavour, which makes it perfect for serving at breakfast time.

      A strong, rich blend of Assam and east African teas. A traditional Irish blend of top quality Assam and east African teas, It has a wonderfully robust flavour, strong and rich, with a
      bright, rosy liquor in the cup. Our Irish breakfast tea is an absolutely perfect way to greet the day, but its reviving, full-bodies taste will be welcome ay any time.

    • If these Breakfast Teas are available in Australia I have for to try some. Hopefully I love it like I love English Breakfast.

      (Note: I don't usually have it at Breakfast time 😄)

    • > I usually by Taylors of Harrogate tea. Here are the descriptions:

      I have never tried this brand of Tea either. The only brands of Teas I have tried are Tetley's and Twinnings. Also I have used Pavillons.

      To be fair I have used Pavillons Tea rarely compared to the other two.

      The only tea I have drank so far from the Pavillons brand is Bois Cherri.

    • Have you ever tried 麦茶 (mugi cha)? It's a tea made from roasted barley. I really didn't like it at first, but after the third time or so it started to grow on me and I came to really like it. Especially on those hot and humid summer days in Japan. 柚子茶 (yuzu cha) is another favorite from Japan. It's a jar of yuzu jam that you mix into hot water. I love yuzu.

      I've never been a coffee drinker, and I've never been a huge fan of green or black teas, though I will drink them occasionally. I do like matcha latte, especially with soy milk.

      I recently started drinking Crio Bru, which is basically coffee, but made from roasted and ground cacao beans instead of coffee beans. It's really nice.

    • Warren as an Australian from Melbourne to call Nescafe Blend 43 coffee, is just not right.

      There are baristas in Melbourne that would put a price on your head for such comments🤣

    • Crio-Bru is ground roasted cacao that gets brewed in water just like coffee does. So the grounds are filtered out and it's a thin consistency with a flavor that's probably closer to coffee than hot chocolate. Then you can add sweetener and creamer if you like. Hot chocolate is thicker, since it's a milk base with powdered cocoa added in. Crio-Bru is a darker roasted flavor.