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    • I drink both but I prefer tea.

      My favorite caffeinated teas of the moment are Darjeeling, Scottish Breakfast, and Irish Breakfast.

      I switch to herbal teas in the afternoon and evening, just had a cup of chamomile citrus tea.

    • Good coffee and good tea. Depending on the occasion. But my English husband is not a tea person so not really having tea at home... But he is learning to like jam teas.

    • Funny, I suspect the difference is subtle - but I don't care for English Breakfast.

      I usually buy Taylors of Harrogate tea. Here are the descriptions:

      Originally blended for the soft waters of Scotland, this traditional Scottish Breakfast blend can be enjoyed wherever you live. It's a blend of the very best Assam and African teas,
      with an inviting bright colour in the cup and a full, rich flavour, which makes it perfect for serving at breakfast time.

      A strong, rich blend of Assam and east African teas. A traditional Irish blend of top quality Assam and east African teas, It has a wonderfully robust flavour, strong and rich, with a
      bright, rosy liquor in the cup. Our Irish breakfast tea is an absolutely perfect way to greet the day, but its reviving, full-bodies taste will be welcome ay any time.

    • If these Breakfast Teas are available in Australia I have for to try some. Hopefully I love it like I love English Breakfast.

      (Note: I don't usually have it at Breakfast time 😄)

    • > I usually by Taylors of Harrogate tea. Here are the descriptions:

      I have never tried this brand of Tea either. The only brands of Teas I have tried are Tetley's and Twinnings. Also I have used Pavillons.

      To be fair I have used Pavillons Tea rarely compared to the other two.

      The only tea I have drank so far from the Pavillons brand is Bois Cherri.

    • Have you ever tried 麦茶 (mugi cha)? It's a tea made from roasted barley. I really didn't like it at first, but after the third time or so it started to grow on me and I came to really like it. Especially on those hot and humid summer days in Japan. 柚子茶 (yuzu cha) is another favorite from Japan. It's a jar of yuzu jam that you mix into hot water. I love yuzu.

      I've never been a coffee drinker, and I've never been a huge fan of green or black teas, though I will drink them occasionally. I do like matcha latte, especially with soy milk.

      I recently started drinking Crio Bru, which is basically coffee, but made from roasted and ground cacao beans instead of coffee beans. It's really nice.

    • Warren as an Australian from Melbourne to call Nescafe Blend 43 coffee, is just not right.

      There are baristas in Melbourne that would put a price on your head for such comments🤣

    • Crio-Bru is ground roasted cacao that gets brewed in water just like coffee does. So the grounds are filtered out and it's a thin consistency with a flavor that's probably closer to coffee than hot chocolate. Then you can add sweetener and creamer if you like. Hot chocolate is thicker, since it's a milk base with powdered cocoa added in. Crio-Bru is a darker roasted flavor.

    • I don't drink coffee. I'm full on with the tea. But maybe not the kind of tea most people think of. In Malaysia we have a special milk tea called "teh tarik" which literally translates to "pulled tea". It's my ultimate favourite drink.

    • I am not from Malaysia, I am from Australia, and I haven't tried Teh Tarik yet, but I have tried Kopi Tarik (Hot or Cold), More often then not usually have it cold. Mother and I love Kopi Tarik.

    • I just tried a Korean Tea called Lotus Leaf Tea, that was a nice tea to say the least. (I believe it's Korean as it came in a Korean Snack Box).