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    • I might want to follow a person that shares with me a particularly niche interest -- could be some subset of a broader topic. Being able to do that would better enable me to follow a topic/persue an interest.

    • We are slowly getting there and, as I've posted earlier in this conversation, this is exactly the problem we are trying to solve at scale:

      We think that what people really want isn't to "follow" a person like they do everywhere else, but to see that person's content above the noise in topics you are both interested in. For example: show me interesting conversations on topics I follow from people I like first. That is a complicated problem to solve at scale, but we are slowly trying to get there.

      Welcome to Cake, cacarr!

    • Thanks for the welcome. This reminds me quite a bit of the early days of G+ (which is, for me, a good thing ... though I can imagine that making y'all nervous ;-). Still waiting for someone to reinvent FriendFeed, I must say -- will have to keep waiting.

      Another thing about following interests: on Twitter, for example, I've made some lists of people who post about very specific topics, so that I can populate my feed entirely with a narrow interest. Did the same with Circles on G+ ("Circle Streams"). My home feed on Cake shows me posts tagged with all the topics I've indicated and interest in, right? You can't select a single topic. What I would really like is a list of all my interests, so that I can deselect some and narrow down what's in my feed -- or select only a single topic (which you can essentially do with lists and Circles on Twitter and G+). Such a feature seems necessary to me for an interest-based network.

    • What if every user was essentially a topic? If someone found another user that creates posts that are always interesting to them regardless of the topic, their username/profile could be added as a topic they follow. It doesn't seem like it would be a massive change in the code base (though I could be wrong) and it also leaves Cake essentially the same while adding the ability to follow specific people if anyone wants to. You wouldn't even need to add any new tabs or anything. Just append "user-topics" or whatever to the end of the Following Topics page.

      While I understand the main objective (and I do like it) of making interests the focal point, sometimes people make posts outside of our normal interests that we might like to learn more about but wouldn't be motivated to without some sort of forced exposure, so to speak. If you aren't already following those topics you miss them and you might end up in kind of an echo chamber unless you go out of your way to seek out new topics.

    • Hmmm...a couple of things. You can already be exposed to new areas if you play around with the tab settings on landing page. You can also see what some members have posted by looking at their profiles, if they have made their history public.

      That said, I think that being topic oriented is a good thing. Regardless of the technical work it might require, it's a design choice. I think it should be given a chance. Providing members a way around it could ultimately undermine the whole concept. Cake should resist becoming anything other than Cake.

    • Cake should resist becoming anything other than Cake.

      If Cake is anything but Cake, I don't need Cake anymore – I already have personality-first social media platforms. Dozens of them. Competing in that field would be like setting up a Mexican restaurant in Mexico City.

      If anything, what Cake needs is a little more transparency about how it decides what things are "for you" and some more people writing about things that aren't you, that you might discover. Couple that with some means of a discovery mechanism for someone who prefers to explore rather than to search/probe (graphical display of what subjects or parts of the taxonomy are hot? A literal taxonomic heat map?), and I think things get a lot more interesting.

    • Can we make the problem even more complicated by asking to feature both interesting posts AND comments from people I want to follow? Maybe limit me to following 15 great conversationalists I’ve discovered, such as @MarkG and @Julianne.

      Like a spoiled child let loose in a candy store, I want to engage with familiar voices AND interesting topics I have a passion for.

    • Don't get me wrong - I like Cake. And if they decide to never implement a way to keep up on specific people it's not a big deal. I came over from Google+ where about 99% of my activity was topic oriented. I'll also say that I hadn't yet noticed the All setting on the main page, so the filter bubble issue isn't really so much of a concern.

    • Don't get me wrong - I like Cake. And if they decide to never implement a way to keep up on specific people it's not a big deal.

      I agree completely with this. The ability to follow people here would be nice but not a deal breaker to my involvement here.


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