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    • Thanks for the welcome. This reminds me quite a bit of the early days of G+ (which is, for me, a good thing ... though I can imagine that making y'all nervous ;-). Still waiting for someone to reinvent FriendFeed, I must say -- will have to keep waiting.

      Another thing about following interests: on Twitter, for example, I've made some lists of people who post about very specific topics, so that I can populate my feed entirely with a narrow interest. Did the same with Circles on G+ ("Circle Streams"). My home feed on Cake shows me posts tagged with all the topics I've indicated and interest in, right? You can't select a single topic. What I would really like is a list of all my interests, so that I can deselect some and narrow down what's in my feed -- or select only a single topic (which you can essentially do with lists and Circles on Twitter and G+). Such a feature seems necessary to me for an interest-based network.