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    • Cake should resist becoming anything other than Cake.

      If Cake is anything but Cake, I don't need Cake anymore – I already have personality-first social media platforms. Dozens of them. Competing in that field would be like setting up a Mexican restaurant in Mexico City.

      If anything, what Cake needs is a little more transparency about how it decides what things are "for you" and some more people writing about things that aren't you, that you might discover. Couple that with some means of a discovery mechanism for someone who prefers to explore rather than to search/probe (graphical display of what subjects or parts of the taxonomy are hot? A literal taxonomic heat map?), and I think things get a lot more interesting.

    • Don't get me wrong - I like Cake. And if they decide to never implement a way to keep up on specific people it's not a big deal. I came over from Google+ where about 99% of my activity was topic oriented. I'll also say that I hadn't yet noticed the All setting on the main page, so the filter bubble issue isn't really so much of a concern.