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    • I have to admit something: I love music, but I'm a slow learner. It can take me, um, decades before I finally grow to appreciate something that other people have been digging for years.

      I'm interested in any groups, tunes, recordings, covers, whatever, that others have discovered and grown to appreciate long after the fact.

      My most noteworthy recent examples? (Don't laugh): Nirvana and the Foo Fighters

      In the 90's I think I was so busy with job, business travel, and raising a family that I pretty much missed the grunge movement. Obviously I heard it, but didn't dive into it. Then I quit my job last June to start my own company, and now I've got more time at my own desk which has a nice audio setup. I've had more space to dive back into some older music.

      There was a thread back on Advrider, maybe 10 years ago, on the music folks like to listen to while riding. Someone (probably several someones) mentioned the Foo Fighters. I tried, but at the time they didn't click with me. Then I saw them live at a corporate event (Salesforce Dreamforce, in 2013 I think) when Grohl was touring with his broken leg and custom throne. He impressed me with his commitment and work ethic. So lately I've been listening, and found the acoustic version of Everlong. I can't hear that song enough, and it was the gateway drug into the rest of the Foo Fighters' catalog, and also back to Nirvana.

      With Nirvana, I kind of feel badly that I only recently appreciated what a huge loss Cobain's passing was. But there it is. As with the Foo Fighters, I like many of the original mixes but find their MTV unplugged versions most friendly to my old ears. Especially All Apologies and their cover of Where Did You Sleep Last Night.

      I'm interested in any other stories about recently discovered old gems. What have you got? :-)

    • Joan Baez is on her farewell tour—if you don’t see her in concert this year, you never will. We got tickets for when she comes to town in April. My spouse has seen her multiple times, me never, so it will be a discovery of an old gem for me.

      Next month I’m planning to see 10,000 Maniacs—have always loved her voice and it was a nice surprise to learn the band was on tour.