I got interested in the French anti motion sickness glasses that Citroen carries but they don't sell the outside the EU. Someone from Thailand told me in this conversation that there was a sudden explosion of Chinese knockoffs you can buy cheap on Amazon, so I searched. Sure enough:

I recognized the pic of the little girl: it was from Citroen's promo video. She's on French bus with Citroen's logo on those glasses. Still, the glasses got 21 reviews soon after they were listed Here are the top two reviews (they're all like this):

👆 The reviews don't have anything to do with the glasses. I bought a pair anyway. They're made out of crazy soft rubber so they don't maintain any kind of shape to stay on. Penny had to stand very still for the pic. I suppose we could attach a sport strap to them to get them to maybe work?

What is happening to Amazon?