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    • I have been so focused on the importance of computers and electronics lately and then it hit me - what if North Korea or some other party used an EMP weapon? The devastation would be bigger than that caused by a nuclear explosion. How would we or do we protect ourselves or societies from such a device?

    • I mean, you dont really protect yourself on an individual level. Ittl happen or it wolnt, and you dont really have much control over it. Unless you wanna go full on prepper. On a military level, we have missle defence systems that can intercept incoming weapons like Emps or Nukes from hostile parties with a very good sucess rate.

      For example, Israel uses a multi tiered system for missle defence, including the widely known Iron Dome, as well as Arrow 2, Arrow 3, Iron Beam, Barak 8[18] and David's Sling as early as 2018.

      So its pretty much we either shoot it down, or it gets through and life kinda sucks for a while.

    • Sucks for a while lol. I guess you're right. I wonder how much governments think about this possibility and whether or not they spend any additional resources to make the electrical grid or computer network any more secure against it. I'm guessing countries like Israel do a bit but not many others. I really don't know about this stuff and haven't delved into the literature on it. I'm going to guess there's a lot of conspiracy individuals talking about this stuff and not as many reasoned arguments or conversations about it.

    • Something else to consider is that we are vulnerable to non human generated sources of EMP like problems as well. Solar Coronal Mass Ejections directed at earth have happened in the past and will likely happen again in the future. As a Ham Radio operator I have experienced the effects of small sun events degrade reception of certain signals. As a firefighter when our radios did not work we would joke that it was "sun spots" and it was partially true. There are some videos on Youtube that discuss how unprepared we are for either human or sun generated events.

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