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    • When running Zwift is it better to spend your money on a fancy tv and use the ios app or use a better computer and monitor? Gaming computer? Apple TV or straight from computer to TV? Large monitor vs tv? What is the best set up? What is the best for your dollar? What is the most versatile option?

      I currently have an old Mac Pro desk top (ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024 MB, 8 GB 800 MHz DDR2 FB-DIMM, gaphics card: ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024 MB) with a good 24" monitor (1920X1200 DELL 2407WFPHC display) .

      I want to eventually get a new computer, tablet, TV ( I currently don't own any tv) and Apple tv (I have an old Apple tv) but don't know what would be the best bang for my buck, best Zwift user experience and also most versatile system.

    • Over the last 2 years, I've tried pretty much every imaginable configuration including a laptop, desktop, TV and even tablet to run Zwift on.

      There are 2 fundamentals that I found make Zwifting great:
      1. Game "Immersion".
      2. Game "Distraction".

      For game "immersion" you'll need as big of a screen as you can get or be as close to it as you can without sweat all over it. For game "distraction" you can get away with a smaller screen that you can glance at from time-to-time. For rides over 1 hour long this formula start to flip. Your big screen will be what you'll be looking at most while watching movies, sporting events etc and occasionally check in on your game.

      Before giving you any specific advice on what to spend your hard earned money it would be helpful to know the following:
      1. How much total time you spend riding on Zwift weekly.
      2. How long each session lasts.

      Lastly, what is your setup upgrading goal? Is it to increase the total time spent riding on Zwift or to increase the game "immersiveness" of Zwift?

    • I spend about 200 hours a year on it and I'm generally happy with my system but I have to eventually get a new computer and TV and get a setup for my girlfriend. Not sure what is the best option(s). I've never had a tv set up with it before and don't know how the setups with tv's compare.

    • I would recommend getting a TV then. No matter if you decide to have an Apple TV box connected to it to run Zwift or a dedicated PC, you’ll get an entirely new perspective with a larger screen.

      Also if TV is large enough and the bikes are setup close enough than you and your girlfriend can watch a movie or game together. Having a laptop or a monitor just wouldn’t give you that option.

    • Mirroring will always give you a degraded image quality and frame rate vs what you'll see on your device. It all depend how much of a degradation you'll experience. Fundamentally sending a high definition video over Wi-Fi will depend on the signal strenght.

      For consistent image quality you could get an HDMI dongle for your iPhone or iPad and plug it into your TV.

    • In order to see an “Ultra HD 4K” settings in Zwift’s preferences on your computer, you’ll have to have a powerful enough graphics card. It is the only way to “unlock” that option. It is completely separate from whatever TV or computer screen you are running it on.

      The way it works is that by choosing “Ultra HD 4K” you tell the computer graphics card to “render” (generate frames) in that resolution with all of the effects. It then send it to the screen. 4K screen will show it exactly at 4K, but the 1080p screen will “downsample” (resize by half) to fit on it. So if your computer is only capable of rendering at 1080p then showing it on a 4K screen will simply double the size of the picture without adding any detail to it. You’ll also miss some effects like advanced shadows and lighting that requires a lot of processing power to generate that you don’t even see when running at 1080p. Having a dedicated gaming pc with a powerful graphics card will make Zwift a lot more realistic.

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