Released just 4 days ago, IT'S BRUNO is one of Netflix's newest series that I stumbled across this past weekend. I was intrigued by the adorable pug mix on the poster, and soon got pulled into the world of Bruno the dog, his owner, and their NYC neighborhood.

It's surreal and charming: the series follows Bruno and his owner Malcolm (who's played by series creator Solvan "Slick" Naim) on various NYC misadventures. I'm only two episodes in, but I've already suggested this to several friends who love dogs and surreal comedy!

As seen in Bustle:

As Naim told Variety, Bruno is played by his own rescue dog — also named Bruno, of course. "I always knew there was something very interesting and charismatic about [my] dog," Naim explained. "Bruno always has these facial expressions and a demeanor about him that's
hilarious. He's just a loving dog and he always wants to show you attention. He's never angry or mad. We can all learn a little something from him."

You can follow Bruno on Instagram, of course, to get a daily dose of cuteness with Brooklyn flavor.

I'm looking forward to bingeing the rest of the series!