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    • William

      Pc, PS4, XBOX, just list em out! Im currently really enjoying DotA 2 and Terraria.

    • Keenan
      Keenan Wells

      I've been on a Metal Gear Solid 5 (PS4) kick lately. Started the game a long time ago but never finished it. Just now getting back into it and really loving it!

      I also bought Call of Duty WWII and Mario Odyssey. Looking forward to diving into those!

      Really can't wait for the Red Dead Redemption sequel next year!

    • William

      I can dig it, MSG5 is good stuff! Ive heard great things about oddsey, I hope you really enjoy it!

    • Eric

      I have been playing Super Mario Odyssey which has been pretty entertaining so far. I'm not really a huge Nintendo guy, but the game keeps me engaged finding moons.

      Have also been playing Stardew Valley since it ported to switch, which has been really fun. I think it works much better on the Switch than it did for me on the computer.

    • Keenan
      Keenan Wells

      Has anyone played Witcher 3? Just got it but haven't dove in yet. Hear the universe is quite a time suck, which I'm into!

    • Shay

      I love driving / bike games and just got gran turismo for the ps4. Haven't had much time to play it yet but it looks great.

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