"The Kat" (Kat Edmonson) performing at the Armadillo Bazaar on Sunday, 12-15-2009. 😊

“I feel very fortunate to be living in these progressive times. Many, many circumstances have changed for the better now. I’m not under an illusion that old days were better days nor am I caught up in the novelty of old things but I do love the romance of a lot of old things… the time and care that people took to make them… the attention to detail and the appreciation of nuance. These are the things that last. This is what inspires me.” (Source:http://katedmonson.com/)

I remember her 12-18-2011 performance at the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar and making a certain comment. She said that when she really gets into the mood of a song she sometimes does not know what to do. "Some may like to see me shimmy but that's not me. I'm just an 'Old Fashioned Gal' " ! Come 2018, this is the title to her new music album, Old Fashioned Gal, (Sony, 2018). Here is her wonderful video to that new album - https://youtu.be/CnsB4Ri2oIY .

When Kat moved to Austin, Texas to develop her full time singing career, I had the privilege of photographing her on various occasions. My first times photographing her was when she was the lead singer in Slim Richey's jazz band The Kat's Meow. I have always known she would be one of the singing greats!

Here she is performing on the back patio at the Texas Cafe in Austin, Texas on 12-3-2005 - https://youtu.be/lWFGXH0s2pM

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