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    • Across the many different awesome forums that I've stumbled on, there seems to be one thing that many of them have in common: there are build threads where forum members document their creations, whatever those may be. For ADVRider and many other forums (Do the Ton, Honda Twins, CX500 Forum, etc), that thing is motorcycles. For The Expedition Portal (among others), it's cars. For the Garage Journal, it's man caves -- uh, I mean, garages. I'm sure there's lots of others that I'm missing.

      On each of those forums, there's always some build threads that stick out, because of high quality documentation, incredible workmanship, funny commentary, or something else. I've been toying with the idea of creating a quarterly (or something like that) book/magazine that curates the best build threads from across the internet, cleans them up, and turns them into something nicer to look at.

      It might also include builds that weren't turned into build threads on a forum, but that I or someone else found out about, and approached the builder(s) to see if they'd be interested in having the process documented.

      Since I'm guessing many Cake-ians also visit lots of other forums, what do you all think of this idea? Is it something you could imagine being interested in, or does it seem like unnecessary repetition of what's already online? I'm interested to hear your thoughts!

    • I think it’s a great idea, and here’s why. The ADVrider guys asked me to recreate my Mexico ride report that I wrote before launching ADVrider and the question is where to put it? On Cake, ADV, or both?

      @gorudy said he thinks Cake is better for storytelling because the beautiful design lends credence to the narrative. But forum software is better for following a long saga because the algorithm brings threads back to the top of the feed for everyone.

      In the case of the Mexico ride report, it’s done so it’s a one-time story. And it feels like the build projects you are talking about were a sequence of updates with asides and apologies for time passed, yada. Cleaning them up for an easily consumed story for a wider audience sounds like it’s right in Cake’s wheelhouse.

    • Stories for me are a collection of wisdom and adventure that gets passed on. Before all these alternative ways of passing stories on they went on for generations without a single written word. The first guy that got bit from a rattlesnake went back and told the story. This helped his fellow human. There is also the learning aspect that can be gained from someone either more experienced in/on a subject or just plain smarter. These things benefit us and pass onto the future and thepresent information that helps us all.

      One of the silliest and beneficial things I’ve ever learned about my body came from a forum and unless pressed I’m not going to tell it here. (Ok I’ll tell.) When sitting down to pee just press that spot behind your ballsack and it will empty those last few drops so they don’t go down your leg) Who would’ve thunk!

      I’m most interested in taking a specific topic and gaining knowledge from those smarter than me and seeing it thru their eyes from a different perspective. I realize this might be selfish and self serving but as a whole it also benefits us all.

      I love to be around people smarter than myself listening. Cake does that for me.

      Sure I can teach you how to build a quick hot fire in the rain with less than perfect wood. But can you teach me how my creations can better serve humanity?

      I’m thankfull smart people have created this arena.

    • I commend you for potentially having such an organized mind that would facilitate these curating efforts. Me, I thrive in chaos, can barely ever remember where my reading glasses are (and they're on my nose). Internet is a funny thing, one really might feel that they want to be sincere, but in the end it's censorship that wins.