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    • I do wear a waterproof jacket over my wetsuit and tuck my camera under it when there's sea spray. I also carry my extra equipment in a dry bag that sits in the hull of the jet ski. I've never used any sort of housing for photographing from a jet ski or boat, but unfortunately, that resulted in the loss of 2 cameras on the same day right after photographing this shot. I was too slow to tuck the cameras under the jacket and IMHO we were dangerously close. I won't get that close again. I'm not comfortable with the idea of being held down for multiple minutes.

    • Wow! to both the resulting photo and the loss of two cameras in one day! Bittersweet day of photography I guess?

      What type of focal length lenses are you using when shooting from a jet ski?

      When photographing from a jet ski, is the jet ski generally moving in some direction or does it try to remain stationary? I am guessing there is some creativity going on with the placement of the jet ski in relation to the surfer being photographed?

      What were the type of cameras that got ruined? I am guessing "weather sealed" protection on most cameras is mist/rain type protection versus being submerged in a down pour of a crashing salt water wave?

      Have you ever tried sufer shooting in the water with a housing? If so, what focal length lens is normally used?


    • Hi Kevin, You did an awesome job on this photo... it is really amazing!!! May I use this photo as a poster background? It is for a Chinese Gospel non-profit organization. Please let me know! Thanks!! Sueann