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    • It's raining here in Los Angeles, and I've been inside for two days. I'm counting down the calendar for May 1, in the odd hopes that all the COVID will go away and we can return to normal life again in May.

      Fat chance, right?

      Well, there's always dreaming.

      Meanwhile, I just cut a new #Photowalk video from a February visit to the gritty, working class area of Los Angeles called San Pedro, one that happens to have some of the most dynamic coast in the region.

      You'll recall that I made my first visit, in 2019 and fell in love with the place.

      In February, pre-COVID, I returned and explored again through the eyes of my newfound friend, Instagram superstar Ginni McNeeley, who lives in San Pedro and documents it every morning.

      With Ginni we started in Point Fermin Park, which has the best across the ocean view of Catalina Island, continued to the Korean Bell, Cabrillo Beach and White Point Beach.

      Please watch, if you've got the time.

    • Nice, Jefferson. Your channel is starting to pick up some steam, no? Especially ones that have titles like things to do in Hawaii.

      Our birds behind Google isn’t getting much love. I’ll post it on a few of my socials when I get a chance.