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    • But - rhetorical question - tell me, how do you present a work of art, and how you made it better.

      One way is with one of the greatest Porsche commercials evah:

      Or maybe this oldie:

    • I do like the new 992. I like it a lot! I really want to Love it and marry it, but I think we're just going to be really good friends. I love the tech in it. I love the larger 21" rear wheels, the newly designed lights, the impressive multi level spoiler and of course the wider hips.

      The elements that will take me more time to adjust and accept are the odd design choices they made in certain parts of the exterior. The organic shapes of the hips combined with the straight lines of the hood. The somewhat repetitive "notch" shape of the front, rear lights, and rear exhaust trim. The open mouth design will need some time to accept as it's very distracting on light colors but somewhat more tolerable on black. The straight hood line with sharp corners has this tension when it meets with the front bumper. This probably annoys me the most of the exterior.

      The interior is luxurious but it feels less like a cockpit and more of a modern lounge of sorts. The Braun inpired shifter needs some getting used to. You can no longer shift the PDK transmission from here. I'm not sure I like the dash "shelf" line just yet. The center of focus cup holder feels overkill and a bit of an eyesore when not in use.

      Those are some nit picks. This 992.1 is so very new with many iterations and refinements to come. There are still the GTS, GT3 and Targa variants to be released in the coming years. Porsche will undoubtly learn from these initial design approaches and and possibly give us the perfect 911 with the 992.2. So for now, I really enjoy my 991.2 but maybe in few years I'll trade my custom plates (9912C4S) to 9922C4S :)

    • Those commercials are awesome, they really drive the message behind the company, I guess very few could claim! I remember someone with race track training once took me for a spirited ride in a 911 Carrera and it was an extraordinary exhilarating experience.  🏎

    • Yeah I think you make some really good observations!

      The 991 feels like many years of refinement when the 911 got a little more curvy in the late '90s and early 2000s. It started with the 996. I think that's when they introduced the splits that created three openings in the front bumper. The headlights were terrible, making this probably the worst looking 911. Notice that the headlights started to encroach into the bumper. I have an observation about this later.

      I can see the 996 DNA in the 991. Large bumper splits. Thankfully they've ditched those awful headlight shape, but the headlights do clearly sit in between the fender and bumper.

      For the 992, I think the designers looked back to the '80s and early '90s. Here are the 964 and the 993:


      I see some similarities with the 992. The obvious one from the older 964 is the straighter bumper line. I also see a wide "open mouth" without splits on both below the license plates. Also notice the offset hood and bumper lines on the 993. Seems familiar!

      One thing that really stands out to me: the headlights clearly sit inside of the fender space. It really feels like the designer tried to maintain that with the 992.