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    • Some sample video. This is 1080p downsampled from the standard 4k it shoots. I haven't begun to play with the ND filters I have to get the shutter speed slower (for more "cinematic" like video).

    • When I went back to look closely at the resolution, this is what I found. I suppose I could have spent more time processing the picture for a sharper image. I haven't had a lot of time to fully understand what I'm dealing with. I suspect though, that this drone and I are going to have a long relationship.

    • It does a really nice job. My skills don't do the camera any favors.... I had a quick lesson in LUT packs and color grading to put that together. I've never had to work with those using the Spark.

    • I am jealous. After losing my Spark, I personally refuse to buy another DJI product but that is only because I choose to be cantankerous about the whole thing. But, I have mad respect for drone photography when done right....Most people would have no idea how much TIME it takes to compile a nice 2-3 minute video. I mean, you could spend 2-3 hours just in finding the correct background soundtrack which most people really suffer with.

      I look forward to you sharing some more cool stuff here on Cake....and, FWIW....not sure if you are Flickr user, but, at least as a Pro user, uploading vids to Flickr is ok without all the ads that YouTube forces on the viewer now.

    • If you're looking for one that autonomously tracks you, then there are better drones for that.

      If you're looking for an aerial camera, this one hits all the strong points for me.

      ADVRider has a long thread about drones and motorcycles that hits some topics that might only be important to motorcyclists.

    • The size / quality ratio on the Mavic 2 Pro is ideal. It would be perfect for our trip. Easy to throw in a backpack, and take it on a ride to find a good location to fly.

    • I have to admit, it will take some learning to make the animated gif. I'm sure the software is there, but the knowledge isn't. Yet.

      While I was poking around the Bay Bridge last week I shot a couple of panoramas of San Francisco using the "panorama" setting. The drone stores them in DNG format and the files carry the "profile" of the camera. I'm pretty much a nOOb at photoshop and lightroom but still somehow manage to find my way. The automated panorama script does a nice job, as does the "adaptive wide angle" filter. The following photo is about a 50% crop of the final panorama. It was a lot of bay and sky. I suppose I could frame the set of pictures better next time..... still learning....

    • Considering the technology of the time, it's amazing that someone was able to put that panorama together in the first place. Way cool.

      On another note, I did a little low light testing with the Mavic 2 Pro the other day. Using the 4k setting and the DLOG-M H.265 files I was able to capture this video and then bring the details way up out of the dark. I would have sharpened the video, but I'm using the free version of Davinci Resolve, and it doesn't let me do that.