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    • I keep telling myself that I'm done going fast. No need for speed. Then this... A stock C8 Corvette vs. Viper ACR.

      Oh wait!

    • Ooooo... been there, doing that. My past has a fair amount of regional road racing and I've ridden Laguna Seca on a bike.

      My current ADV bike only has 165 HP. I know it doesn't make sense, but I do love it. Still telling myself I don't want to go fast anymore even in the rain.

    • After 3 days of hard, way-too-fast riding in Morocco with some of the world's best riders, I thought that if I survived it, I would never do something like that again. I had white knuckles the whole time and don't know why I didn't end up like the other riders there, all of whom are screwed together with plates and rods.

      Never again.

      Except that a few months later....I couldn't resist another hit of thrilling speed and went on a wild ride. What is wrong with some of us?

      I tell you what is wrong: this car and this review. Come on, it should be criminal to tempt us beyond our ability to resist like this:

    • I agree with you Chris. I've been telling myself that I don't need or want the power. I've been trying to satiate my speed lust with something like the upcoming Tesla Cyber Truck. But I'm not sure it's working!

    • Great shot! (through clinched teeth) Must keep telling myself... I don't want to go fast, I don't want to go fast, I don't want to go fast.

      Not sure it's working though. :-) Or, whether I want it to work...