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    • Benedict Evans is a partner at AndreessenHorowitz, one of the world's biggest VC firms. He presents a 'State of the Industry' talk at their annual conference, and here's this years' edition. It's an overview of the present moment of tech industry and commerce, how we got here and what can we expect in the near and mid-future. Well worth your time if you're after the big picture and thinking about what's coming down the pipe.

      It's 20-ish minutes long, but chock full of info and ideas. You'll probably want to pause and ponder frequently.

    • I finally got time to watch and ponder. Thanks for the link. Every now and then I see a Tweet from him that's pretty profound, but I don't follow his Twitter feed because there is a lot of noise in there too.

      Holy Hell he went through that presentation fast. No wonder you said stop and ponder. It's like uncapping a fire hydrant. I'm trying to make sense of what I think of him after that. My style of speaker is like Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk: deliberate, thoughtful, deep. I get a sense that their knowledge isn't a mile wide and an inch deep. From Benedict Evans I got the feeling that he's very broad with a 50,000' view, but I didn't get a sense of how much he really knows about any one thing.

      What do you think?

    • Yep, presentation was really like a 100m dash, I guess that was a function of the time allotted.

      My take on him is as far SV VC types go, he's worth a follow. Probably due to his position at A16Z he really has a finger on the pulse of the industry and a valuable insight into what's coming, as well as where the real problems (and opportunities) are. He's from the UK originally, so doesn't necessarily have the same blind spots as the rest of the SV natives. On many occasions helped me see particular issues from a completely new angle.

    • FWIW, I enjoyed the overview, but the [slightly unpleasant] residual feeling was that his point of view wasn't so much about "what we can do in the next 20 years", but about "this is how we will transmogrify and amplify consumerism culture for the next 20 years". His nod to crypto platforms as a vector of unbounded change is nice, but for anyone without some context allowing to understand the reference to smart contracts etc, beyond the blockchain ultra hype, is probably not as valuable. Even then, it's a pretty long shot.

    • On many occasions helped me see particular issues from a completely new angle.

      Do you know him or get the insight from following his stuff? He had a couple of Tweets years ago that stuck with me. Here's one:

    • It's crazy the resurgence of email newsletters. Who saw that coming? They're getting really great and it's amazing how much funding is going into them now. I just subscribed to Ben's. Thanks for the pointer.

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