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    • Well, I've been having something of a culinary time recently - we spent the weekend before last down at the Truffle Kerfuffle in Manjimup. It was very nice to have tents (no, not the silly teepee style ones with the fairy lights) set up for us with fuzzy bedsocks laid out for us on the bed on arrival. The rain was ever present but with marquees and sturdy tents it was all fine. 

      Plenty of delicious local produce, truffles and on the Sunday we bought up pumpkins and this and that,and some cheese on the ride home on the Monday set us up nicely for our ensuing few days of cooking and eating on the houseboat on Bilya Maadjit (River Murray, Western Australia) over the week.

      Photos and slow tv will be forthcoming.

      NAIDOC week is starting on the 7th. What's happening in your area if you're in Australia?

      Koboorl - stomach

      Ngari - salmon

      Dookern - cook

      Noorook - egg

      Djilya - honey (most likely refers to nectar from flowers like banksia) 

      Always up for more #5words themes if there's something you'd like me to research.

      #aboriginal #indigenous #noongar #nyoongar #nyungah

      And as a bit of a bonus the name of the town - Manjimup is said to come from Mandjin - the broad leafed water rush (with edible root) and the -up, is of course, "place of".