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    • I first came across Coca-Cola Energy when I went to Japan last fall. It has arrived in the United States and basically tastes like what you would expect. Coke with an energy drink aftertaste. I’m not a big energy drink guy, but I figured I would give it a shot and see what I think. As energy drinks go, I think it’s pretty solid. What also helps is it’s relatively cheap for an energy drink. Less than $2 for this 12 oz can. Any thoughts? Could Coca-Cola Energy catch on in the energy drink industry?

    • I think of energy drinks for kids cramming for exams and third shift workers trying to stay awake. Is that the market for energy drinks? I know it’s a multi-billion dollar market but I don’t know much about the consumer demographic.

    • I believe that is the demographic. I think also some people consume them as a lifestyle thing. Those people probably have their go-to, which is why I’m curious to see how successful Coke will be. I do think the relative affordability gives Coke an advantage.