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    • In the USA, Pizza is a big cultural thing.

      Most pizza that is purchased premade and cooked is purchased from independent pizza restaurants. But there are some chains that are national in scope and have well known brands.

      Historically, Pizza Huts brand was associated with sit down restaurants. Although Pizza Hut does provide delivery services, it has historically been far behind Dominos Pizza in the delivery market.

      The biggest of Pizza Hut's frnchisees was NPC. NPC has had to file for bankruptcy. Although it is expected to emerge from babankruptcy in a solvent condition, yet part of its restructuring strategy will be the closing of 300 of its stores.

    • This made me hungry. Covid with further impact restaurants, food chains and the whole eating experience in ways we can’t even imagine. Or maybe we can. Grocery stores are also being rethought. Transformation was under way before this pandemic but will be really accelerated and changed. That said I want a pizza now - though I’ve only had delivery to my home a couple of times in my life.

    • I miss pizza. I've had GI issues since grade school. One of these issues is an apparent food intolerance to garlic and onions (in any form including powder) but not to chives. I have no allergic reactions to handling either of them but if I eat them I get sick. Since I like the taste of both of them, it was not without some reluctance but I'd rather not endure the suffering.

    • Soon, there may be a worldwide Pizza shortage! 🤪

      Uh, no.


      I'm capable of making my own, but I would certainly miss the true NY Style local pizza place if they were to go out of business.

      Perhaps, a carry-out order is on the menu for later this week.