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    • I’m sure it’s already worked out but what if one of the panelists is actually trolling or not acting appropriate is there a way for the owner to kick them out or take away their right to post?

      Normally I would make one and play around with different settings and tools but I’ll wait until I feel I have something worth paneling about!

    • I kind of like the idea of a parallel thread where us fans can chat amongst ourselves about the conversation.

      When Steph Curry, Draymond Green and KD are chatting it up about their off-season post championship run we can talk about it on the side thread :)

    • @chris do you envision the option for there to be a designated moderator / host? Not necessarily for all panels but if Walt Mossberg is doing a panel should he be called out as the moderator and his questions @ each person highlighted?

      It'll be cool when people use cake to host their own panels, IE mixergy, indiehacker etc.

    • Yes, whoever organizes the panel can add or subtract panelists and remove their posts. Even if you start a public conversation on Cake today, you can hide posts by anyone in it from public view. That surprises some people and has generated a few debates, but it's the same as if someone posted a comment on your blog or in a post you made on Instagram.

    • I hope I’m on topic here. I know there are tons of super smart people here. I’m busting at the seams to share and gain knowledge that many of you have.

      I am an inventor. I took years of experience to develop products that I believe will change the world. I know that I am correct in the way I am approaching the science of my inventions. So here lies the rub. How do I approach these discussions without looking like I’m spamming or just some guy looking to make sales. Because that is not the case at all. What I would hope to gain is the sharing of knowledge and shared solutions to problems.

      Is this the type of safe information by sharing the panels you are discussing are designed to achieve?

    • OK, I read thru the panel discussion on the starting of cake. Then I got to the bottom and it said only panelists could post.

      I was like whoa! Cool! It made what the panelists said all the more impactful. I can see where the clutter would detract from the learning. I had no idea what a panel was and now I think it’s brilliant. I can’t wait to see where this goes.

    • Question: Can one establish a panel discussion and then not invite other panelists in order to, say, post a Ride Report so it does not get interrupted? If so, I suppose that could also morph into a blog-y type of one-person-panel-thread, too. Hmmm...

    • Edit: someone beat me to it
      I just did a test panel and you sure can. Bit of a shame not to get input, but if just looking for icon support it would work.
      I like the idea of the self moderating tools available to silence any spam/troll, would prevent additional convo for replies etc.
      I would like the button which I think is coming to hide all but the original posters items.

    • I understand the concern about lack of feedback—but is there a way to PM OPs?


      Edit: Is there really no way to PM other members? Will the @ tag trigger a notification in this environment, @Vilen?

    • The natural progression of the Panels and the way we envisioned them originally was to allow the panel starter to open the Panel to submit questions from the audience. Only panelists would be able to see all questions. They could then decide to pick some interesting and insightful questions from the audience to answer publicly. The mechanism of how that would work is something we are still building and that would be an optional feature of the Panels.

    • Hmmm... and after the report is done could the creater open comments to all? I like the idea of a single poster telling his/her story without interruptions. But once the story is told it would also be nice to hear reactions from readers.

    • Marc, we also feel and hear the need for this feature: allow the conversation starter to finish telling their story before others can jump in. This is something I've personally wanted for some time now.

      I don't think it is actually a type of a "Panel conversation" but instead is a public conversation that can be "paused" until the conversation starter has finished telling their story. It is analogous to how we have real life conversation and you'd want to let the person finish instead of interrupting them. However, in real life there are visual cues that tell you when to jump in the conversation, but there isn't a way to have those signal online. It is a tough problem to solve, but I'll keep thinking about a simple and intuitive solution.

    • I noticed that a panel was started yesterday but has no participants other than the OP. Since we don't have private messages, unless we know eachother through other channels, there would seem to be no way to know if someone is actually interested in participating. Perhaps there should be some way of hiding the panel until at least two people have agreed to join. A panel of one doesn't make a lot of sense to me, though as was pointed out above, it could be used as something like a blog. But then, why not call it that?

    • One thing I just noticed is that there doesn't appear to be any way to sort the conversations I see when I come to Cake -- specifically, I'd like to be able to look for panels, but I don't see a "bring panels to top" or "show panels only" button. Not sure if others would be interested in that kind of functionality, but I personally would be.

    • As you have stated, ride reports are the jewel in the Advrider crown.

      MikeO, Vance, metaljockey, Sean, broke the mould by heading out on epic rides and documenting them on advrider.

      Would a panel of some or all of the above, discussing their trips work?

    • I'd suggest MikeO, Seán, metaljockey, Glen (striking viking), those RR's ignited my imagination.

      I'm sure other inmates can chime in with suggestions also?

    • May I make a suggestion? Eight panelists is just too many. My favorite panel discussions are with three or fewer panel voices. More than three (and I may be being generous saying three), and the whole thing gets completely out of hand. The recent panel with women riders is a case in point. Obviously, the subject is of interest to me, and I know a lot of the participants already. But boy, howdy—even I could not stand all the back and forth. It became so disjointed, it just started to feel like ranting and rambling. Ugh.

      I am the same way when it comes to f2f panels. If there are more than three panelists, I skip the session. A panel of three requires an unusually skilled moderator to keep things from getting off track. Like you, I really enjoy the repartee one sees when watching a panel of two. I also really enjoy a good one-on-one interview. Those are often very thought-provoking.

      Just my two cents... 😬

    • I was fascinated by that panel/interview! I thought it was great. I’d love it if you could do a similar interview/panel with Jobs’ daughter who just released her book, Small Fry.

      (Have you followed the advrider thread with the guy who is interviewing other adventurous inmates? I just stumbled into it a bit ago. There seems to be a general understanding that one guy is conducting the interviews and when he’s done, he invites anyone else to chime in with comments/questions. I thought it was amazing that inmates generally seem to accept that format and don’t overstep.)

    • @Chris - is there a way to find just the panels in one place? I would like an easy way to get to where the “experts” have been talking. 🙂 Is there a ”panels” category to follow?