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    • Big Data

      Thank you for the invitation, it’s been a long time since I last was here. Coincidentally I’m currently working on AI/ML related project and have been trying to learn more on the subject of Data Science as well. Here are some contributions:

      1) “How prevalent is data science in your local ecosystem?” - our project is in education, trying to improve all aspects of the E-learning process through ML. Doing a research of the current landscape doesn’t show many results. Coursera seems to be more active with some efforts in the website (recommendations, search results) and mail marketing, but that’s about where things end from what I have seen.

      2) “Is the “iterate till it works” process the norm in AI?” - I am no AI-expert but I think that an iteration-validation cycle is basic part of any software development with or without AI/ML. Unless you meant something different here. ML definitely includes validation of the model’s output as a crucial step.

      3) “What’s your experience in using data science/data analysis in marketing? “ - I haven’t had the chance to do something in terms of marketing use. As noted above, Coursera seems to be making some effort, periodically sending out updates about new courses based on previous participation in a course.

      4) “What are the new tools worth considering over the established ones?” - as always with software development, the choice of tools depend on the project requirements. I don’t think one should choose sides. What I find interesting is that we have 4 major companies (Amazon, Microsoft, Google, IBM) with a quite developed portfolio of AI/ML/DS cloud-based tools. In large part these can be swapped around or combined. It’s also very positive to see these companies trying to fill the education gap. Mostly IBM and Amazon are offering free/low-cost online courses that can help more people get into DS and AI. 

      I hope these comments help in any way :)

      Thank you for reading!

    • Although my understanding of data science is very limited, I hold a deep curiosity on how the use of data influences the human connection. My biggest concerns being how data is used by governments and business to influence the will of the users. Although there are countless success stories on the use of data to make our lives better there is a fundamental concern I see with a lack of user data rights and the manipulation of data through media outlets. Even though we have an incredible toolset before us I still believe we are a caveman trying to taste a burning branch struck by lightning. It looks awesome but do we really know what it is capable of?

      This notion of using data as a sword to disrupt industry is beginning to reveal itself a merely a means to monetize interests of users to build other industries off of. The hands wielding the sword grateful for such a favorable environment to sow their influence over users hungry for the carrot of convenience. So what does all of this have to do with your post? My contribution to this panel is to ask If you are to be a steward of the technology consider how the tech will impact the end user and possibly how your contribution will not only lead to the application of it but to possibly understanding the implications of it. Ultimately these technologies are not being built by huge corporations, they are being built by individuals who could eventually move the cheese to use cases favorable to the interests of the users.

      Thank you for inviting me to this panel Stephen. I have enjoyed reading the thread!!