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    • Thanks for taking the time to reply and for the constructive feedback, Chris. I think there are several questions that I would love to discuss here in a panel format.  


      How prevalent is data science in your local ecosystem?  (You may have seen the report that came out last month that 80% of data scientists work at Facebook, Amazon, Netflix or Google.)

      Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

      Is the “iterate till it works” process the norm in AI?  (It certainly feels that way when you read the news of accidents with Tesla’s assisted driving mode.)


      What’s your experience in using data science/data analysis in marketing?  (A/B testing, Natural Language Processing, recommender systems)

      Data Engineering/Data Visualization

      What are the new tools worth considering over the established ones? (Pytorch versus Tensor Flow, Google Data Studio versus Tableau, Scala versus Python.)

      Hope the above clarity helps.