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    • I'm in the process of becoming more active on Cake. One thing that is making me a bit crazy is the email notifications. It appears that they are either on or off - and I'd like to see something in between.

      If someone posts in a thread that I started, I get a notification. That's great.

      If someone posts multiple times in a thread that I started (in order to post multiple photos) I get a notification for each post. That makes me crazy!

      I hesitate to turn off notifications because I could very easily miss a response.

      Are there any plans to send multiple notifications in a single email at a time period specified by the user? I might like to set the notification to once an hour, or at a set number of times per day.

    • Sorry about the noise. We definitely plan to add an option to roll multiple notifications up into a single periodic email. Thanks for letting us know this is important to you!