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    • Good Evening, I enjoyed reading your presentation. A few things that I could be improved is less words on each slide. I read a few sentences and swayed away and looked at the pictures. It could us a few more visualizes. I think you did a good job. One thing that I did like is the detail that you put into it. You had a very well thought out reasoning for this presentation! Great job!

    • Hello! Great job on your presentation! I like your choice of heroes. You are right, the traditional Marvel and DC superheros are not everyone's cup of tea! Good job being original! I also like the lay out of your slides and the way the pictures match the background color.

      If I could change something, if you don't mind my two cents, I would suggest adding a short video clip from the show or maybe the theme song.

      Overall, I thought your presentation was fun and well put together!

    • This presentation was nicely done. I like the nontraditional approach to the project and doing something that no one else would do. It's cool that you enjoy watching with your grandson! I'm sure he enjoys it just as much as you do! The pictures and descriptions were well placed on the slides.

      I would suggest less words on the slides, maybe break them up into two. Or summarize your thoughts to a smaller excerpt of words to make the slides look even cleaner. Other than that, well done!