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    • What a fun and informative article for Californians.

      "There is something about a swimming hole that implies elusiveness. Compare it to the beach, which, at least in California, one could reach from just about anywhere by heading west: The coast is a line, but a swimming hole is a dot on the map, a point in space and time."

      This article has photos and information about how to find these elusive swimming holes.

      "The swimming holes are what happens when the water pauses on its own and, entering into some felicitous arrangement with the rocks and soil, renders a space wide and deep enough to hold some stillness."

      Next time my travels take me near one of these swimming holes I hope I will have my bathing suit and a towel with me.

      Any stories or details about swimming holes in other states? Maybe we need a state by state list and detailed description?

    • I've all ways loved swimming in lakes and rivers so much more than the sea.
      I thinks it's because they are more peaceful, (no waves and screeching sea birds).
      I'm sure I saw a list of local swimming holes last summer, but can't seam to find it now,
      Oh well, here a top 10 list from all around New Zealand