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    • Preface: I am an open-minded person about everything and I do not judge people. I firmly believe we are all good-hearted, spirited people and want to do things that are best for us.

      This season may go on record as one of the wort ‘flu seasons’ based on the number of deaths caused by the flu. It seems every year it gets worse. So I understand the reason for the push by the doctors and medical community to promote and recommend getting the flu shot or vaccine.

      What are your thoughts about the flu shot?

      Will the flu shot help us??? There are many articles saying its only 10% effective. Ugh! Why inject that crap into your body then?

      Is all of this a ploy by big pharma to make huge profits? Apparently, flu vaccine manufacturers have immunity by the government to make a vaccine that can cause side effects and has been proven to be ineffective.

      WHAT IS YOUR POSITION? I will not judge if you are against or for it, I swear :-)

    • I get the flu jab every year, as do my elderly parents. 55 deaths in Ireland this winter from the flu, I don't know if any of them had the flu injection before hand.

      I did get a very bad chest infection in December, had to take steroids, an inhaler and antibiotics to clear it.

      I've never had side effects from the jab and think it's common sense to get it. It may not protect from a particularly virulent strain of the flu but it's kept me healthy for the last 10 years.

      I think without any medical backup, that this year was an abberation. The flu that swept across Ireland was unprecedented and I hope won't be repeated.

    • Absolutely get a flu shot.

      You're not injecting crap into your body; you're increasing your immune system's ability to fight off flu viruses and you're reducing the chance that you'll infect other people.

      Even if it's only estimated to be 10% effective, that's still a significant benefit. That means one out of ten people will be protected from the flu who might otherwise have gotten sick. As many as 35 million people in the US get the flu every year. If everyone received a vaccine that was 10% effective, that would still mean 3.5 million people would be protected from the flu.

      One person out of ten may not seem like much, but that one protected person also won't be spreading the flu to anyone else. An infected person could spread the flu to dozens of other people during the course of the disease, so a 10% vaccine effectiveness still adds up to something significant very quickly.

      Even a 10% effective vaccine could be the difference between life and death for someone close to you.

    • As someone who's just recovering from the flu after 10 straight days of fevers, I wish I had gotten the shot instead of having put it off because life got 'busy'. Maybe it wouldn't have saved me from catching it, but I'd rather have given myself that 10% chance than having had to deal with the symptoms I experienced over the last 2 weeks. Likewise, I'd urge everyone to give themselves the best odds possible.

    • I always get the flu shot and have never suffered from side effects or gotten the flu since I've started taking it. It's not crap that's being injected into your body and it certainly doesn't cause autism. Get the shot and potentially save the life of someone more vulnerable than yourself.

    • And supposedly, even if you do still get the flu, the shot may lessen the symptoms. Last time I had the flu was 1992, I think, and I still remember thinking I was dying. If I could have felt even somewhat LESS horrible, it would have been worth it.

    • 24 hour flu is some other virus, I think. We just call it "flu" because we don't know what virus it is and you feel really lousy. But the only thing medical professionals call flu is that knock-you-on-your-butt, horrible-body-aches-fever thing that lasts up to two weeks.