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    • it seems to be that while typing on a screen keyboard, the body of the text I am writing. It is most problematic using DuckDuckGo browser but also with Firefox. It happens on iPhone 6s (current software), a Samsung Tab 3 9.7inch and a Tab2 4 imch screen, and an iPad2.

      I am going to attach a screenshot of my writing of this post to illustrate.

    • Thanks for the feedback! If you're referring to the post body hiding under the onscreen keyboard and not scrolling down as you type, this is something we're aware of.

      It's unfortunately a tricky problem, since iOS Safari doesn't actually make it possible for us to know when the keyboard is visible, so there's not a good way for us to compensate for the space it takes up. I've got some hacky ideas I've been meaning to try out though.

    • Yeah, unfortunately Chrome on Android has some major contenteditable bugs that make it impossible to support our editor (or almost any rich text editor) there. Firefox on Android also has some breaking issues right now, although I think we can work around those once we have some time to dig in.

    • on my ipad when I try to edit a post, the magnifier window appear on long hold but the cursor is not there, it seem to jump to want to edit the line above where it would normally on other apps. reg safari browser. Bit weird and troublesome to post via mobile . #growingpains
      The cursor also does not show on regular posts. just blank until you type then have to figure it out from there, again on ipad safari latest updates etc.

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