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    • I loved the X-Wing and TIE Fighter games as a kid. X-Wing Alliance was my favorite out of them. I've been desperate to find a modern game like them, and I've tried the Elite Dangerous/Star Citizen type games and they are pretty overwhelming in terms of the time requirement. I agree with xorius, EVERSPACE is pretty fun, and it's the closest thing to X-Wing/TIE Fighter I've found, though it gets repetitive after a while.

      I would love to see a reemergence of adventure games like Monkey Island and King's Quest. Telltale made somewhat recent installment of Monkey Island that wasn't all that great, and The Odd Gentlemen came out with a new King's Quest that was alright, but they were both that episodic installment style game with very little in common with adventure games from their heyday.

    • one of my favorite games it dragon force for the Sega Saturn... so much so that a few years back I got a Saturn and paid stupid money to buy it off of eBay..

      I also have the rom and found out there was a Japanese dragon force 2 that I’ve played here and there.

      Would love if they remade that. I believe they have it on the PlayStation network and it was released in a Sega classic version for ps2.

      I just looked on eBay and the first one I saw was on sale for 849.99... no idea if it really sells at that price but I may have to look into selling mine haha.

    • One of my favorite games as a kid was Final Fantasy 7 for the Playstation. I've always loved the ability to escape into a deep story RPG. It's sorta like following an epic movie or TV series, but having creative control.

      Anyway - They *are* remaking the game and it will be coming out for the PS4 at some point in the next __ of years. The trailer shows they upped their polygon count quite a bit since the original! Looking forward to reminiscing and also experiencing a fantastic new game!