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    • Keenan Wells

      When I first played Shadow of the Colossus for Playstation 2 back in 2007 or 2008, it was a revelation. I'd played open world games before, but this was the first I'd ever encountered that seemed to find the sweet spot between grandeur and intimacy.

      For those who don't know, the game consists of riding around on horseback in a vast wilderness trying to find a series of hidden giants. When you find them you have to figure out how to destroy them using only your sword and bow. They are action puzzles on their face, but the game beautifully merges cinematic views with micro mechanics, all of which are gorgeously interwoven into a strikingly simple story.

      The new remaster for PS4 is absolutely incredible. I've read the developers actually recreated a lot of the landscapes and bosses from scratch, and it shows. I haven't gotten too deep into the game yet, but so far it's rekindled the same sense of awe I remember feeling when first playing the game over a decade ago.

      It begs the question: what other games have captured your imagination in the past and which would you like to see remastered/remade?

    • TIE Fighter.

      But I don't want a console remake that forces me to pilot with thumbsticks, because that's awful. I want a PC remake with gorgeous modern graphics and sound that you can play with a real joystick, just like the good old days.

      I sank so many joyful hours into that game. I even downloaded a third party mission builder and built my own custom missions.

      They don't really make fun medium-casual space sims like that anymore. These days it's all either super casual stuff like Battlefront or super hardcore stuff like Elite Dangerous.

    • I loved TIE Fighter. If you liked that game, I highly recommend checking out EVERSPACE. It is the best space fighter sim I have seen in a really long time. Beautiful graphics, extremely fun gameplay.

    • oh yes. On that note I would LOVE to have a remade pilot wings on the switch. There are some decent casual sims for the iPhone but nothing on the consoles or PCs that I know of.

      I bought Elite Dangerous a couple weeks ago and just barely got through the tutorials. I definitely like the flying in No Mans Sky better since it's so simple.

    • Keenan Wells

      A Pilot Wings remake (or even just a straight up port) for the Switch would be so awesome! I loved that game as a kid.

      I’ve never played Elite Dangerous but it looks cool. No Man’s Sky is a game I think about a lot but I find that I get bored by it. Even still I wouldn’t mind having it available on the Switch so I can come back to it more casually when the mood strikes.

    • I've actually sunk a lot of hours into Elite Dangerous over the years (it's one of the games I tend to revisit once a year during my traditional Christmas staycation).

      It can be a lot of fun in brief spurts, but the biggest problem with it is that it takes literally weeks of nonstop grinding to earn enough money to buy the really fun ships. And traveling around the enormous galaxy is so mind-numbingly boring that once you find a system you like, it's tempting just to stay there forever — but then that starts to get boring too.

      That said, the ship design, combat mechanics, and especially the sound design in Elite Dangerous are all amazing. I really just want that stuff plus TIE Fighter. 😄

    • I loved the X-Wing and TIE Fighter games as a kid. X-Wing Alliance was my favorite out of them. I've been desperate to find a modern game like them, and I've tried the Elite Dangerous/Star Citizen type games and they are pretty overwhelming in terms of the time requirement. I agree with xorius, EVERSPACE is pretty fun, and it's the closest thing to X-Wing/TIE Fighter I've found, though it gets repetitive after a while.

      I would love to see a reemergence of adventure games like Monkey Island and King's Quest. Telltale made somewhat recent installment of Monkey Island that wasn't all that great, and The Odd Gentlemen came out with a new King's Quest that was alright, but they were both that episodic installment style game with very little in common with adventure games from their heyday.

    • one of my favorite games it dragon force for the Sega Saturn... so much so that a few years back I got a Saturn and paid stupid money to buy it off of eBay..

      I also have the rom and found out there was a Japanese dragon force 2 that I’ve played here and there.

      Would love if they remade that. I believe they have it on the PlayStation network and it was released in a Sega classic version for ps2.

      I just looked on eBay and the first one I saw was on sale for 849.99... no idea if it really sells at that price but I may have to look into selling mine haha.

    • One of my favorite games as a kid was Final Fantasy 7 for the Playstation. I've always loved the ability to escape into a deep story RPG. It's sorta like following an epic movie or TV series, but having creative control.

      Anyway - They *are* remaking the game and it will be coming out for the PS4 at some point in the next __ of years. The trailer shows they upped their polygon count quite a bit since the original! Looking forward to reminiscing and also experiencing a fantastic new game!

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