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    • So while parsing through Android Police for my usual Android news, I cam across the following article and fell into a rabbit hole:

      Now I know that there are live webcam streams available and some sites even allow you to move and pan the cameras around, but the last time I had messed around with these was when I was an adolescent kid who was awestruck that tapping the arrows on my keyboard was moving a camera halfway around the world.

      I didn't want to install an app on my phone, so I was happy when I found that the article had a YouTube playlist that collated live webcam views from around the world.

      While the intention of the article was to show the stark contrast between how populated cities where as compared to how lifeless they look now, I experienced a different emotion as I skipped through the different streams available - serenity and peace. I don't know about you, but having been brought up in city all my life (and never having traveled abroad), there's something very calming about just watching a live stream of a port in Norway..

      a pier in Hastings, England..

      this skywalk in Taiwan..

      this fogged up view of a reservoir in China...

      Even this mundane isolated snowy intersection in Canada..

      I understand that you mileage may vary, but I am sure that you will definitely find at least one stream that is therapeutic for you. For best results, have this video playing in your background (ar anythin from the chilled cow YouTube channel really). Hope you are able to find some peace and calm your mind amidst everything that's happening around us. πŸ™‚

    • The ones showing empty city squares feel spooky to me as well. I think it was 2 am when I clicked on the Times Square feed which was mostly empty, but surprisingly there were still some people riding bicycles.

      Edit: I just went back and checked - I viewed the Skywalk and reservoirs in China during the day which gave me more beautiful views as opposed to now where it looks like a scene from Predator.. πŸ˜…

    • Fascinating! Eerie. The skywalk live cam reminds me of this hilarious set of clips:

      I really want to go there.