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    • @Chris

      In signing up for Cake, there is a page that requires one to choose a generic interest that is too generic and fails to include the generic interest "Writing."

      On Google+ in December 2012, I started a "community" for users of Literature and Latte's Scrivener. This group has over 5000 G+ accounts signed up for it. (I kept spammers, porn bots, and accounts that were not interested in Scrivener from diverting the community)

      I would be interested in proposing Cake as a new venue to the community members but what Interest should they choose on the Sign Up if none of the Generic choices applies to their writings?

      Also, how do I delete from my account a generic interest that might funnel many posts regarding which I am uninterested to my Cake feed?

      For example, although I am very interested in the actual content of the Bible, I am uninterested in most of the things that people do in the name of religion or "Christianity" that have no origin in the content of the Bible.

    • James, I think Cake could be a good place for the writing community you've built on G+. However, Cake is designed around topics and there are some significant differences that I've described here:

      We also decided to help you have a smoother transition and added "Reading & Writing" as a featured category during signup. This way your writing G+ community members can spot it right away and follow topic like yours.

    • I've also created a quick visual guide for you on how to manage (unfollow) topics so you can have a better looking feed. Please keep those questions coming and I hope to see more of your writing here on Cake.

    • Okay, you said keep the questions coming, so here is another one.

      When I started this thread, I chose Scrivener as a new topic. In fact, I chose five topics, but only two showed up after publish. I have tried to add Scrivener again as a topic, because I want to follow that topic and encourage those in the G+ group to choose Scrivener from the Reading and Writing category (if you would be so kind as to include it there) so that we can get the topic up and running as soon as possible.

      I'm expecting L&L to release their annual Nanowrimo trial version at the beginning of next week (or sooner). I also want this topic to be thriving before November 1, in order to take full advantage of the Nanowrimo sub-interest.

      Many of the users of this software are not fiction writers, but Nanowrimo does produce a heightened interest in writing and L&L gives two discounts each year in sync with Nanowrimo. Also, the trial version is available to people who are not planning on participating in Nanowrimo, so this also increases interest at this time of year even among non-fiction users.

    • When I started this thread, I chose Scrivener as a new topic. In fact, I chose five topics, but only two showed up after publish.

      Sorry about the confusion here. All five topics you chose did get published, but we (Cake admins) occasionally moderate the topics that are applied to conversations in order to ensure that they're relevant.

      In this case, I removed the "Scrivener", "Google", and (if I remember correctly) "writing" topics from this conversation because, while all of those things are mentioned here, this conversation is really about Cake and how certain Cake features can be used by people who are accustomed to Google+. So someone following the "Google" or "writing" topics is less likely to be interested in this conversation because those subjects are only incidental or mentioned in passing.

      Feel free to re-add the "Scrivener" topic if you'd like. The Scrivener topic does still exist, and it's in the Reading & Writing category.

    • What Ryan said ๐Ÿ‘†

      We've added "Scrivener" topic to the "Reading & Writing" category for easy discovery.

      Would love to help you in any way to make Cake your new home ๐Ÿ˜‰.